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This I Believe Podcast and Online Deliberation

Here’s the final podcast! I believe that when faced with difficult circumstances, it is the small gestures of kindness by others that go a long way. ThisIBelieveFinal Online Deliberation: It took me a while to decide on something that I … Continue reading

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My professor is a goat!

John… I hate to break it to you, but apparently, professors are goats. Although I have to say, you’ve managed to conceal the horns quite well. No I’m just kidding (clearly), but in Spain, it is often said that teachers, mothers, … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s 47%

A secretly filmed video clip of presidential candidate Mitt Romney was released on Monday. It’s a video of him addressing donors to his campaign.  Apparently in response to a question, Romney made a comment about the 47% of Americans who … Continue reading

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Speech Self-critique

We Are! Sound familiar? In case you can’t put a name with a face and a speech, (sorry, but a lot of the blogs I read I don’t actually know who the person is… I’m working on learning names) I’m … Continue reading

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I’m Taking Your Hair!

I’m Taking Your Hair! What would you do if someone told you they were taking your hair? You’d probably be confused and hope they were kidding. Some of us may look for scissors in their hands while running in the … Continue reading

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