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Persuasion Essay: Smokefree-Campus Policy

Introduction We’ve all been there- stuck behind a smoker walking to class. You breath in the smoke, it gets caught in your hair, and you can still smell it later. But these things are trivial compared to the harmful effects … Continue reading

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From Such a Stick, Such a Splinter

You look just like your dad. “De tal palo, tal astilla.” You’re a star athlete just like your mom was when she was in college. “De tal palo, tal astilla.” Your dad loves his sweets and so does your brother. … Continue reading

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The “TED” Genre

TED Talks are definitely a new form of public speaking to me. In fact, I had never even heard of them before we started talking about and watching them in class. I’m used to seeing the formal speeches with note … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat!

So I had a good portion of this written last week, Halloween time, before I found out we weren’t blogging. So sorry it’s a little out of season, I know we’re all gearing up for thanksgiving at this point. But … Continue reading

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I Voted Stickers

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. Election Day. The first time I’m sure all of us as freshmen could vote in a presidential election, and the first time for most college students voting in a presidential election. Most of us who voted … Continue reading

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