Business Chinese in Nanjing: CHNS 412

Nanjing, China

March 6 – 15, 2020

Program Summary

CHNS412 Business Chinese is a 3-credit course that offers students a unique and highly engaging way to learn vital Chinese business cultural & concepts, to gain intercultural communication skills that can be applied in your own career development and to immerse yourself in real-world learning. Lessons are brought to life through authentic cases in China, which put you in the shoes of business leaders in the 21st century. Students will have an option to participate in a trip to Nanjing (extra 1-Credit).

Nanjing is known is the capital city of six dynasties in ancient Chinese history, only 3.5 hour from Shanghai. During the time in Nanjing, students will pair up with two Chinese language partners who are college students in Nanjing University. Students will participate in factory/company visits, meet with educators, local business leaders, innovators, nonprofit organizers etc. Students will also have ample free time to explore historical sights, memorials, museums and cultural sights in Nanjing, as well as a one-day cultural trip to a town that locates a short distance from Nanjing. Eligible students may apply for up to $1,000 in support funding and may also apply for scholarship from PSU Education Abroad. Due to the limited availability of seats (20), early application is strongly recommended.

Embedded Course Information

Students must be enrolled in CHNS 412 for the Spring 2020 semester to be eligible to participate in the optional, one-credit embedded program during the spring semester. Participating students will be enrolled in one-credit of CHNS 299 or 499 for the Spring semester with assignments and educational activities associated with the embedded program.

This additional credit may or may not add to a student’s cost of tuition depending on their part-time vs. full-time student status. Please visit the Penn State Tuition website for additional information about tuition costs. Tuition costs are NOT included in the embedded program fee.

Prerequisites/Eligibility for CHNS 412: CHNS110, including students who will enroll 110 in the spring semester of 2020. Graduate students, heritage speakers are welcome to this course & trip as well. Interested students in CHNS001, CHNS002, CHNS003 must meet the Faculty Leader, Ying Feng Kline, to have a permission in order to be eligible. (

Faculty Leader

Professor Ying Kline (

Estimated Program Costs

  • Program Fee: $351
  • Round-trip Airfare: Approx. $900-1,200
  • In-Country Spending Money: Approx. $100+
  • Chinese Visa Costs: Approx. $150

*NOTE: The Embedded Program Fee will be billed to participants’ PSU Bursar Accounts in late December/early January and the payment will be due January 22, 2020.

The Embedded Program Fee for this program includes: accommodations; transportation in-country related to academic activities; welcome and farewell dinner; fees related to academic activities/speakers

The Embedded Program Fee for this program does NOT include: airfare, domestic transportation to/from the airport, meals, spending money (souvenirs, etc.), gratuities, or tuition

Application Process

Submit your interest in the program by completing this interest form: Interest Form: Business Chinese in Nanjing, Spring 2020

Interested students should also enroll in CHNS 412 for the Spring 2020 semester.

Commit to the program by thoroughly reading and submitting the commitment form by December 20, 2019Official Embedded Program Commitment Form: Business Chinese in Nanjing, Spring 2020

Students may contact the faculty leaders with questions: Professor Ying Kline (