Economics of the Swiss Economy: ECON 315, 333 or 397

Berne, Switzerland and Colmar, France

March 6 – 14, 2020

Program Summary

Students will travel to various cities in Switzerland and Northeastern France. While there, students will visit agencies and companies centered around the Swiss macroeconomy and major trade industries. While a member of the European Union, Switzerland maintains an independent central banking system, which has implications for currency markets. For the macroeconomics portion of the course, students will visit the Swiss National Bank (Zurich), Swissmint (Bern), United Nations Office (Geneva), and the World Trade Organization HQ (Genva).

The Swiss economy is one of the world’s most advanced free market economies and one of the richest countries in the world. Students will visit HQs of major companies and industries located in Switzerland including Lindt (Zurich), Nestlé (Vevey), and a regional cheese factory.

Embedded Course Information

Students must be enrolled in ECON 315 (GS) or ECON 333 (GS) or ECON 397 for the Spring 2020 semester to be eligible to participate in this optional, one-credit embedded program during the Spring semester. Participating students will also be enrolled in ECON 299 (1 credit) for the Spring semester, which will involve assignments and educational experiences related to the travel experience.

This additional credit may or may not add to a student’s cost of tuition depending on their part-time vs. full-time student status. Please visit the Penn State Tuition website for additional information about tuition costs. Tuition costs are NOT included in the embedded program fee.

Prerequisite for ECON 315: ECON 102

Prerequisite for ECON 333: ECON 102, 104, or 014

Prerequisite for ECON 397: ECON 102 and 106

Faculty Leader

Professor Pitchayaporn “Peach” Tantihkarnchana ( and Professor Jadrian Wooten (

Estimated Program Costs

  • Embedded Program Fee: $2,013 (for 10-14 participants; will be reduced to $1,678 for 15-19 participants)
  • Round-trip Airfare: TBD – The price for the required group flight will be shared ASAP
  • Transportation to Domestic Airport- Approx. $250-150 depending on the number of participants
  • In-Country Spending Money: Approx. $600 to bring for meals, spending money, etc.
  • Visas (if applicable): US students require a valid passport. International students may require a Schengen Visa

*NOTE: The Embedded Program Fee will be billed to participants’ PSU bursar accounts in late December or early January and the payment is due January 22, 2020.

The Embedded Program Fee for this program includes: accommodations in Switzerland, daily breakfasts, a welcome and farewell meal, daily activities/tours/entrances to attractions, program coordination staff

The Embedded Program Fee for this program does NOT include: airfare, transportation to/from domestic airport, some meals, spending money (souvenirs, etc.), course/credit tuition. (Costs for airfare and transportation to/from the domestic airport will be listed separately, but incorporated into the overall fee that is charged to students’ bursar accounts).

Application Process: Commit by December 6, 2019

Submit your interest in the program by completing this interest form: Interest Form: Economics in the Swiss Economy, ECON 315 or 333

Interested students should also enroll in ECON 315 or 333 for the Spring 2020 semester. 

Commit to the program by thoroughly reading and submitting the commitment form by December 6, 2019: Official Embedded Program Commitment Form: Economics in the Swiss Economy, Spring 2020

Students may contact the faculty leaders with questions: Professor Pitchayaporn “Peach” Tantihkarnchana ( and Professor Jadrian Wooten (