Call for Participation

The 2013 LASTS Planning Committee invites proposals for presentations, panel discussions, lightning talks, workshops and interactive demonstrations for the 2013 LASTS event, August 14-15. All proposals dealing with the intersection of technology and the liberal arts are welcome, with special emphasis on those dealing with the following themes:

  1. Digital Research Tools and Methods: Using technology to enhance scholarly research, including geospatial analysis, social network analysis, text mining, natural language processing, big data, text encoding, and more…
  2. Digital Pedagogy: Using technology to enhance student learning and engaging students in digital scholarship through exposure and practice…
  3. Digital publishing and scholarly communication: New publishing models, copyright issues, open access, author rights, open peer-review, digital editions…
  4. Digital Scholarly Workflow: Tools, tips, and tricks for managing your digital workflow at all points of the research continuum: finding, storing, organizing, annotating, citing, archiving, reflecting, sharing….

We are especially interested in sessions that illustrate how faculty, students, and researchers are embracing new ideas and approaches to teaching, learning, and research and fostering innovation within their departments, disciplines, or the community.

To submit your proposal, fill out the LASTS Call for Participation Form. The LASTS Planning Committee will review all proposals. Deadline for submission is Friday, July 12th, 2103. Notification of acceptance will be made by July 24th, 2013. Criteria used in evaluating proposals include:

  1. Quality of the proposal, including merit of the topic, clarity of expression, and relevance to the summit themes
  2. A demonstrated impact on student learning or scholarship in the liberal arts.
  3. Audience participation strategies involved in the session (for example, a pro/con debate, small group discussion, audience polling, )
  4. Involvement of a team, either from a single department or multiple locations
  5. The overall balance of topics and approaches

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