Greek and Organization Pages

Be featured in the yearbook to make sure your group is a part of Penn State history!

Why be in the Yearbook?

Greek life and student organizations are what makes Penn State so special, and what better way to reflect and celebrate that than by making sure your group is remembered forever in the 2019-2020 yearbook! This year, La Vie’s theme is A Penn State of Mind, which is what Greek life and student organizations are all about. Penn State would not be the same without you, and neither would the yearbook!

How do we get Featured?

All you have to do is send us 8-10 pictures of your group that are at least 300dpi (higher quality pictures, not cell phone pictures, look better on full-page spreads), and include 150-200 words about your group and what makes it awesome! The best part? It’s COMPLETELY FREE! Send all submissions to and we’ll do the rest!

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