This website was assembled several years ago for Penn State’s Teaching with Technology Certificate, which I earned in 2018. I invite you to explore the portfolio I assembled portraying my perspective on teaching with technology. If you’re interested in my writing projects, I also invite you to visit my up-to-date website, layli.net.

Here is background on my work as an instructor at Penn State (current as of early 2018):

Since my McCourtney Family Graduate Fellowship granted me a teaching release for my first MA year, I started teaching English 15 in Fall 2016. So far, I have instructed nearly 50 students over two semesters. Though trite, it is no exaggeration to say that I learn more with each class period; indeed, I believe that this hands-on experience is giving me more insight into composition studies than any amount of reading could. My students vary widely in their analytical writing skills. Several have learning disabilities. How do I accommodate the diverse and disparate needs of 24 individuals simultaneously? How can I help the students who still struggle with “basics” like syntax or connecting evidence to analysis and also serve those who are ready to articulate their own innovative and eloquent arguments? And what of the middle of the “bell curve”? I am a freshman teacher in multiple respects, and my pedagogy is in flux. But at its core is my goal to help every student succeed. Success for my students, as I see it, means becoming attentive readers and thoughtful writers who consider and care for their audiences.

“Spiderweb Climb” by Layli Maria Miron