Welcome to my web home! I created this space to document my work at Penn State, where I am a PhD student in the English Department. In 2017, I completed my MA, and I’m now pursuing my dream of earning a doctorate in rhetoric and composition. You can learn more about my efforts in teaching, research, and service by navigating through the menu. If you’d prefer to review my experience comprehensively, please refer to my curriculum vitae.

Here’s a little about me beyond what’s on my CV. In the (scant) moments when I’m not writing or grading papers, I most enjoy spending time with my husband, Sergey. I’m a Wisconsinite, Sergey is Moldovan, and we met in Israel–so we naturally have a taste for globality. We expand our knowledge about our wonderfully diverse world by watching documentaries, cooking various cuisines, and traveling. For more about life beyond work, check out my list of local activities in central Pennsylvania.