For English 15, I prepare approximately 2,000 minutes of presentations. Why measure in minutes? Well, for each minute in front of the class, I spend probably about 10 minutes beforehand planning from the stages of developing the curriculum to detailed lesson planning. That’s a lot of time and energy–more than 300 hours. Like any teacher, I wonder, how do I preserve my lessons so that they are ready for revision and reuse when I teach again?

I have found PowerPoint to be an indispensable tool for preserving my lessons. I post each PowerPoint on Canvas, usually before class (excepting days with reading quizzes). Although some might object that sharing lecture notes with students enables skipping, English 15’s strict attendance policy discourages such behavior. If a student needs to miss class due to illness, as inevitably happens for dorm-dwelling freshmen, they can access that day’s presentation online and get supplemental notes from classmates, since the PowerPoints only include the skeleton of our lessons, fleshed out by my lectures and handouts.

My presentations, which are designed for 75-minute sessions, are ordered by unit below. Feel free to explore whichever unit strikes your fancy. If you decide to use part of a presentation, I would simply request that you credit me with a brief note on the relevant slides. I also have handouts corresponding to several of the lessons that I can provide upon request.


Unit 1: Rhetorical Analysis Paper

Day 1 – Course intro

Day 2 – Appeals

Day 3 – Rhetorical Analysis

Day 4 – Example Essays

Day 5 – Peer Review

Day 6 – Style Workshop (Evidence)


Unit 2: (Re)Definition Webpage

Day 7 – Online activity that I made through Canvas’s Quizzes tool

Day 8 – Fact vs. Definition

Day 9 – Multimodality

Day 10 – Examples

Day 11 – Peer Review

Day 12 – Style Workshop


Unit 3: Evaluation Paper

Day 13 – Evaluation Arguments

Day 14 – Research training presented by a University Librarian.

Day 15 – Gathering Sources

Day 16 – Peer Review

Day 17 – Style Workshop


Unit 4: Proposal Film

Day 18 – Cause & Effect; Fallacies

Day 19 – Proposal Intro

Day 20 – Fieldwork

Day 21 – Examples

Day 22 – iMovie training presented by a Media Specialist.

Day 23 – iMovie work time.

Day 24 – Peer Review

Day 25 – Style Workshop


Unit 5: Re-Mediation

Day 26 – Revising & Re-Mediating

Day 27 – Examples; Writing Process

Day 28 – Independent work time

Day 29 – Peer Review

Day 30 – Day off to reward 100% completion of the SRTE (teaching evaluation)