Bibliography: Works Referencing Tahirih

In this bibliography, I collect texts focusing on Táhirih (also called Fatimih Baraghani, Umm-Salma, Zarrin-Taj, and Qurratul-Ayn), as well as those referring to her without centering on her. It’s a work in progress; if you have any additions or find any errors, please contact me.

Year Pub.AuthorTitleGenreNature of Reference to TahirihCountry Pub.Book-length work focusing on Tahirih?
1856Sheil, Mary Leonora WoulfeGlimpses of Life and Manners in PersiaMemoirBrief mention of her 1852 executionEnglandNo
1865Jacob Eduard PolakPersien: das Land und seine BewohnerHistoryMention of “Kurret el ayn” / “Gurret el ayn” (pp. 350-353)GermanyNo
1866Kazem-Beg, Mirza“Bab et les Babis” in Journal AsiatiqueHistoryPassage describes “Kourret oul-Ayn”FranceNo
1866Gobineau, Comte Arthur deLes religions et les philosophies dans l’asie centraleHistoryAccount of “Gourret-oul-Ayn”FranceNo
1874Najmájer, Marie vonGurret-ül-Eyn: Ein Bild aus Persiens Neuzeit in sechs GesängenPoetryPoems inspired by “Gurret-ül-Eyn”AustriaYes
1875 (circa)Shams-i-Jahan (Pen name: “Fitnih”)Memoir of life of this Qajar princess and Baha’i convert (have yet to locate her “book of poetry” – see #14)PoetryMentions meeting with her in TehranIranNo
1889Browne, E. G.“The Bábís of Persia. II. Their Literature and Doctrines”Scholarly articlePassage describes herEnglandNo
1891‘Abdu’l-Bahá, with Browne, E.G.A Traveller’s Narrative Written to Illustrate the Episode of the BábHistoryPassage relates her life; see pp. 309-316 EnglandNo
1892Curzon, Lord GeorgePersia and the Persian Question, Volume IHistoryBrief mention of “Kurrat-el-Ain”EnglandNo
1893Browne, E.G. Tarikh-i-Jadid (New History of the Bab) (translation) HistoryPassage refers to herEnglandNo
1901Harris, W. HooperLessons on the Beha Revelation as taught by W. Hooper HarrisTheologyPassage refers to herUSNo
1903Grinevskaya, IsabellaBab: A Dramatic Poem of the History of Persia in Five Acts and Six PartsPlay script in verseShe is protagonistRussia Yes
1903Chirol, ValentineThe Middle Eastern Question; or, Some Political Problems of Indian DefenceHistoryBrief mention of “Kurrat-el-Ain”EnglandNo
1905Nicolas, A. L. M.Seyyèd Ali Mohammed dit le BâbHistoryPassages relate her lifeFranceNo
1908 (circa)Runcie, Constance FauntleroyThe Bab (unpublished manuscript)NovelShe is protagonistUSYes
1910Barney, Laura CliffordGod’s Heroes: A Drama in Five ActsPlay scriptShe is protagonistUS, EnglandYes
1910Ford, Mary HanfordThe Oriental Rose (or the Teachings of Abdul Baha which trace the chart of the "The Shining Pathway")TheologyPassage refers to herUSNo
1914Cheyne, Thomas KellyThe Reconciliation of Races and ReligionsHistorySection on “Kurratu’l ‘Ayn” (94-116)EnglandNo
1916Gulpayigani, Mirza Abul-FazlKashf al-ghita an Hiyal al-AdaCollectionContains Arabic treatise she authoredTurkmenistan~
1919Gulpayigani, Mirza Abul-Fazl, and Mirza MihdiKashf al-Ghitá'TreatiseTreatise by herUzbekistan~
1923Nazif, SüleymanNasiruddin Shah ve BabilerHistoryPassage relates her life TurkeyNo
1923Jinab-i-Fadil (Mirza Asadu’llah Fadil Mazandarani)“The Wonderful Life of Kurratu’l-Ayn” in Star of the WestHistoryStory of her lifeUSNo
1923Younghusband, Sir FrancisThe Gleam: Being an Account of the Life of Nija SvabhavaHistoryPassage about “Karratul-Ayn”EnglandNo
1928Esslemont, J.E.Bahá'u'lláh and the New EraHistoryPassage refers to herEnglandNo
1932Nabíl-i-A‘zamThe Dawn-Breakers: Nabíl’s Narrative (Translated by Shoghi Effendi)HistoryIncludes account of her 1848 unveilingUSNo
1932Iqbal, MuhammadJavid Nama – “The Sphere of Jupiter”PoetryPoem with her as characterIndiaNo
1933Hosain, M. Hidayat“A Female Martyr of the Babi Faith” in Proceedings of the Dá’ir-yi ma’árif-i IslamiyyaHistoryAccount of her lifeIndiaNo
1938Root, Martha L.Táhirih the Pure, Irán’s Greatest WomanHistoryShe is subjectIndiaYes
1940Blomfield, Lady Sarah Louisa The Chosen HighwayHistoryPassage refers to herEnglandNo
1941Gail, Marzieh“The White Silk Dress” (later reprinted in Dawn Over Mount Hira and Other Essays , 1976)Magazine article“Story of Táhirih”USNo
1944Rabbani, Shoghi“The Valiant Táhirih”HistoryPassage in God Passes ByUSNo
1944Qurratu’l-‘AynNamih-ha in Tarikh-i Zuhur al-Haqq by Asadu'llah Fadil MazandaraniLettersCollection of her writingsIran~
1949Qurratu’l-‘AynBi-Yad-i sadumin sal-i shahadat-i Qurratu'l-`Ayn, Nabighih-'i Dawran PoetryCollection of her writingsIran~
1950Ishaque, MohammadFour Eminent Poetesses of IranHistoryPassage devoted to her as poetIndiaNo
1959Gail, MarziehThe Sheltering BranchEssaysPassage refers to herEnglandNo
1964Edge, ClaraTahirihNovelShe is protagonistUSYes
1971‘Abdu’l-Bahá“Ṭáhirih”; Trans. Marzieh Gail (Original date: 1914-15)HistoryChapter in Memorials of the Faithful USNo
1972Gail, Marizieh; Marianoff, Dimitri“Thralls of Yearning Love”HistoryArticle in World Order magazineUSNo
1972Nuqabai, HusamTáhirah: Qurrat al-‘AynHistoryBook about herIranYes
1973Siddiqui, Mohammad Ali“Qurratu’l-Ayn: A Profile in Courage”Magazine articleBrief account of her lifePakistanNo
1973Giachery, UgoShoghi Effendi: RecollectionsBiographyPassage refers to herEnglandNo
1977Barney, Laura CliffordDaliran-i Rabbani, Trans. `Azizu’llah ShiraziPlay scriptTranslation of God’s Heroes (1910)IranYes
1978Hasan, Masudu’l“Qurratu’l-Ayn Tahira” in Stories and Biographies from IqbalHistoryPassage about her life PakistanNo
1982Johnson, LowellTáhirihHistoryShort book about her lifeSouth AfricaYes
1983Demas, Kathleen Jemison From Behind the Veil: A Novel about TahirihNovelFictional US character observes herUSYes
1989Stiles Maneck, Susan“Táhirih: A Religious Paradigm of Womanhood”Scholarly articleAnalyzes her as model for womenCanadaNo
1989Amanat, AbbasResurrection and Renewal: The Making of the Babi Movement in IranScholarly bookIncludes chapter on her activitiesUSNo
1989Momen, WendiBasic Bahá'í DictionaryEncyclopediaPassage refers to herEnglandNo
1990Miḥrābī, Muʻīn al-DīnQurrat al-ʻAyn: shāʻirah-i āzādīkhvāh va millī-i ĪrānHistoryUnknownGermanyYes
1992Marks, Geoffry W.Call to Remembrance: Connecting the Hearts to Baha'u'llahExtracts from Bahá'í WritingsPassage about herUSNo
1992Taherzadeh, AdibThe Covenant of Bahá'u'lláhTheologyPassage refers to herEnglandNo
1992MacEoin, DenisThe Sources for Early Bahá’í Doctrine and History: A SurveyScholarly bookPassages describe her writingsNetherlandsNo
1992Milani, FarzanehVeils and Words: The Emerging Voices of Iranian Women WritersScholarly bookChapter about her as writerUSNo
1995Masud, Kwaja“The Cry of Tahira”Magazine articleAccount of her through lens of IqbalPakistanNo
1996Jafarzade, Aziza Zarrintaj-Tahira (Turkish)PoetryCollection of her Turkish poemsAzerbaijanYes
1997Mottahedeh, Negar“Ruptured Spaces and Effective Histories: The Unveiling of the Babi Poetess Qurrat al-'Ayn-Tahirih…”Scholarly articleAnalyzes her famous unveilingUSNo
1997Amanat, AbbasPivot of the Universe: Nasir-al-Din Shah and the Iranian Monarchy, 1831-1896 HistoryPassage refers to herUSNo
1998Mottahedeh, Negar“The Mutilated Body of the Modern Nation: Qurrat al-‘Ayn Tahirah’s Unveiling and the Iranian Massacre of the Babis” Scholarly articleAnalyzes her famous unveilingUSNo
1998Mahmud-i-Zarqani, MirzaMahmud's Diary (translated by Mohi Sobhani)HistoryPassage refers to herEnglandNo
1998Cole, Juan R.I.Modernity and the Millennium: The Genesis of the Baha'i Faith in the Nineteenth-Century Middle EastHistoryPassage refers to herUSNo
1999Lloyd, IvanTáhirih: A Poetic VisionHistoryShe is subjectUSYes
2000Rice, TadiaSolace of the Eyes: Songs of TahirihMusical albumShe is subjectUSYes
2000McMullen, MikeThe Baha'i: The Religious Construction of a Global IdentityHistoryPassage refers to herUSNo
2002Rice, TadiaA Woman and Her Words: The Story of Tahirih Musical albumShe is protagonistUSYes
2002Hatcher, John; Hemmat, AmrollahThe Poetry of TáhirihPoetryTranslations of poems attributed to herEnglandYes
2003Afroukhteh, Dr. YounessMemories of Nine Years in Akka (translated by Riaz Masrour)HistoryPassage refers to herEnglandNo
2003Momen, Moojan“Usuli, Akhbari, Shaykhi, Babi: The Tribulations of a Qazvin Family”Scholarly articleAccount of her family (Bará gh áni)USNo
2004Afaqi, SabirTahirih in History: Perspectives on Qurratu'l-'Ayn from East and WestHistoryCompilation of articles about herUSYes
2004Jasion, Jan Teofil“Táhirih on the Russian Stage” in Afaqi’s Tahirih in HistoryHistoryAccount of Grinevskaya’s playUSNo
2004Banani, AminTahirih: A Portrait in PoetryPoetryTranslations of poems attributed to herUSYes
2006Khorasani, Noushin Ahmadi"The 'One Million Signature Campaign': Face-to-face, Street-to-street"ArticleCites her as forerunner of Iranian women's movementIranNo
2007Adambakan, SorayaQurrat al-’Ayn: Eine Studie der religiösen und gesellschaftlichen Folgen ihres WirkensHistoryStudy of her religious and social consequencesGermanyYes
2007Nakhjavani, BahiyyihLa femme qui lisait trop; La donna che leggeva troppo; La mujer que leia demasiado NovelTranslations of The Woman Who Read Too MuchFrance, Italy, SpainYes
2007Older, JuliaTahirih UnveiledPoetryPoems inspired by herUSYes
2008Thābit, Yūsuf AfnānBukāʼ al-Ṭāhirah: rasāʼil Qurrat al-ʻAynCollectionCollection of her lettersSyriaYes
2008Hatcher, John; Hemmat, AmrollahAdam’s Wish: Unknown Poetry of TahirihPoetryTranslations of poems attributed to herUSYes
2008Ma’ani, Baharieh“Outstanding Heroines in Religious Dispensations” in Leaves of the Twin Divine TreesHistoryChapter on her EnglandNo
2010Hogenson, Kathryn JewettLighting the Western Sky: The Hearst Pilgrimage and the Establishment of the Baha'i Faith in the WestHistoryPassage refers to herEnglandNo
2011Milani, FarzanehWords, Not Swords: Iranian Women Writers and the Freedom of MovementScholarly bookChapter about her as writerUSNo
2011Ruhe-Schoen, JanetRejoice in My Gladness: The Life of TahirihHistoryShe is subjectUSYes
2011Hatcher, John; Hemmat, AmrollahThe Quickening: Unknown Poetry of TahirihPoetryTranslations of poems attributed to herUSYes
2012Wolpe, SholehThe Forbidden: Poems from Iran and Its ExilesPoetryTwo translated poems by her ("Lovers!" and "Rhyme by Rhyme")USNo
2015Nakhjavani, BahiyyihThe Woman Who Read Too MuchNovelHistorical fiction about her final yearsUSYes
2015Tolouei, ShabnamDust-Flower-FlameFilmBiographical documentary about herUSYes
2015Ansary, NinaJewels of Allah: The Untold Story of Women in IranHistorySeveral references to Qurrat al-'ayn (Tahirah)USNo
2016Garcia, Gina and RussellThe Unquenchable Flame: A Musical DramaMusic albumShe is protagonistUSYes
2016Nazerian, Parviz The Raptured PointScreen-playDrama about herUSYes
2017Amanat, AbbasIran: A Modern HistoryHistoryPassage about her life USNo
2017Ahdieh, Hussein; Chapman, HillaryThe Calling: Tahirih of Persia and Her American ContemporariesHistoryComparison between her and 19C US feministsUSYes
2017Soheil, KeemiaTáhirih, a Symbol of Progress: Reading a nineteenth-century Iranian poet in the United States and EnglandHistoryThesis about herUSYes
2017Bellaigue, Christopher deThe Islamic Enlightenment: The Struggle Between Faith and Reason: 1798 to Modern Times HistoryPassage about herUSNo