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Leadership Through Service

A Personal Story Nearly one year ago, after completing my second year of national service with AmeriCorps, I was proud to accept an employment offer from this entrenched Austin non-profit. I would be working as a case manager, with the Youth Advocacy division of the program; one that employs the Creating Lasting Family Connections curriculum. […]

A Contradictory View on Leadership, a Peek into the Life of Joseph Stalin

Whenever we hear the word Stalin we associate it with the Soviet Union, with communism, with the word “leader” and probably with unimaginable atrocities in the early 20th  century. Stalin was a very controversial figure that took the work started from the communist revolution initiated by Lenin and transformed the Soviet Union from an agrarian […]

Qualities of a true leader

After reading through the first five lessons of the Psychological Foundations of Leadership course, my thoughts centered on who a true leader is and what qualities any one would look for in a leader. I leaned more towards that though because I am interested in pursuing a career in human resources and look forward to […]

Assignment 1

Leaders vary in styles and organization reform because each organization has a different mission, vision, and values. Leaders have to adapt to the ever-changing world to enhance the organization and to motive employees. They need a certain set of skills to accomplish their mission. Having self-awareness of one’s skills allows them to behavior accordingly to […]

Good Shepherds Know Their Sheep

  Why do people aspire leading? Is it that they lead for self or lead for others? When thinking from a followers perspective what type of leader would you follow? In a selfie world, are there still leaders who place people before themselves. I believe there are. And one great example of a leader is, […]

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