Archive | September, 2016

President Duterte as a Public Figure: The Good and The Bad

  President Duterte is an internationally controversial figure due to his outlandish remarks concerning several issues; the most recent one regarding his comment to the European Union. Despite his unbecoming actions, there are still many Filipinos who support him. This is because he comes off with the charisma that certain leaders have. The reason why […]

The Leadership of Pope Francis

The Leadership of Pope Francis By Lisa Green On March 11, 2013 a new leader of the Roman Catholic Church was elected, and his name is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and he will forever be known in history as Pope Francis. The leadership of Pope Francis is fascinating and analyzing his leadership will be very […]

The dark side leadership of Adolf Hitler and how it is still compelling.

Imagine a lecture hall without a seat left in the house.  It’s a Thursday evening in September.  Why are there so many gathered to hear a guest speaker?  The topic being discussed…the charismatic, dark leadership of Adolf Hitler.  How he became one of the most powerful leaders of this century is still compelling.  How did […]

The Man behind Brand Capital

The story of the Times Group dates back to November 1838, 178 years ago when the flagship newspaper publication ‘The Times of India’ was first published as a bi-weekly. Today the Indian parent company and the Times Group has grown to be India’s largest media conglomerate with a leadership position not just in the newspaper segment but in […]

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