Archive | June, 2017

Apex Chief of Police is at the Peak of Leadership

The world of policing is one under constant scrutiny in recent years. In order for the profession to thrive in the new “news-by-Facebook” environment, police administrators must embrace the tenants of transformational leadership and employ strategies for internal and external stability to great effect. Policing cannot survive with a vacuum of leadership in the controlling […]

Justin Trudeau – The Change That’s Needed?

Oakville, Ontario – Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party and Canada’s current Prime Minister, gets people’s attention.  He’s been described as intelligent, honest and inspirational.  Trudeau is transformational in his leadership and uses his charisma to connect with and engage Canadians, particularly about politics. Is he the change the country needs?  He’s talked about […]

Analyze a Leader- U01

Read About a Leader Do you know a leader who deserves recognition in the Richmond Times Dispatch? Submit your leaders’ biography and summary of why you chose him/her for a chance to be selected for out monthly Read About a Leader! Emily Smith, Director of Career Services at JC University is native to Richmond, Virginia. […]

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