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Chief James Devlin: A Well-Respected Police Officer

Waco, Texas – Chief James Devlin works for the City of Hewitt, Texas Police Department. He is considered an exceptional leader in the field of law enforcement. The combination of Chief Devlin’s skills and traits contribute to his success as a leader. Traits that he possesses include intelligence, self-confidence, determination, sociability and integrity. Skills he […]

Dawna and the Never-ending Rewards

To be a good professional leader, one must create an environment where employees are motivated and feel like they contribute to the greater-whole of the company. Dawna Casella, the manager of the Complaints and Grievance Department at UPMC Health Plan does this via the Reward Power and Coalition tactics. Each week the member of the […]

Donald Trump: Analysis of a Leader

Donald Trump: Analysis of a Leader The notion of leadership, and what it takes to be a good leader, is the subject of much debate.  Many theories of leadership exist, some relate directly to the individual and individual traits, skills, and characteristics; while others view leadership in different terms.  This article reviews an individual leader, […]

Roosevelt – The Skills of a Servant Leader

There is little debate that Theodore Roosevelt has a place among the greatest leaders that the United States has ever seen.  With a legacy that includes our national park system and inspiration of a treasured childhood toy, many of Roosevelt’s accomplishments are well known.  Roosevelt’s start in politics began after graduating from Harvard, magna cum […]

The Blair Effect

Tony Blair’s character, education and life experience have equipped him with skills that contributed to his rise to power.  Bennister (2008) explains that due to a combination of opportunistic events and luck, Tony Blair became leader of the Labour Party at age 41, after entering parliament only 11 years earlier.  Due to his legal training, […]

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