Leading With Engagement

Steve Mensh, the General Manager and Vice President of Textron Systems, Electronic Systems and Geospatial Solutions has leveraged his inborn traits: intelligence, verbal, and perceptual reasoning ability, self-confidence, determination and sociability, to catapult himself through the management ranks. In conjunction with his learned traits (thanks to his vast corporate experience): knowledge, problem solving and social judgment skills, Mr. Mensh is thought by his team members to be an extremely effective and competent leader.

Recently I was invited to attend a presentation given by Mr. Mensh, to his team of employees at the Electronic Systems Hunt Valley campus. First impressions are everything. Mr. Mensh walked into the room wearing a smart suit, accompanied by a colorful bow tie; he exudes confidence. Mr. Mensh immediately started shaking hands with attendees and asking questions like, “how’s your wife,” “how’s the baby?” It was obvious that he has forged strong connections with his team and is very sociable and outgoing. When Mr. Mensh began his presentation, I was utterly surprised at his strong verbal skills. He spoke with poise, confidence, and answered many questions which showed his immense knowledge of the business, and products. Steve shared many ideas during the presentation and invited everyone in attendance to brainstorm; it seems to me like Steve leverages his team’s creativity successfully.

Steve touched on many subjects, he explained things quickly, and with high impact. First, he spoke about financial performance, next business achievements and new product overviews, and last employee kudos. Mr. Mensh also presented the kickoff of a program he is sponsoring called the Employee Engagement Council. The purpose of the Engagement council is to foster a workplace atmosphere that promotes employee satisfaction, involvement and creativity. Steve expressed his motivation to improve the social good of the organization. Mr. Mensh utilizes his personality traits and has homed in on his skills to become a successful leader and business man. From the outside looking in, it is clear that Mr. Mensh is leading his team to success.


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