FLOTUS Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama outside of being one of the First Ladies of the United States has shown acts of true bravery and leadership in her years in the spotlight. She has appeared on multiple television shows, magazines, and her speeches to young adults are a true act of leadership. During her time in the White House, she showed the United States nothing less than what it meant to be a true leader. Through organizations that she developed, aiding in funds that had already been developed, and also speaking with young adults in regards to education. Programs such as Let’s Move!, that tackled childhood obesity with the help of different groups, and also The School Lunch program to name another that aided to reduce the cost of meals to low-income children.

Not all leaders are in the spotlight which is not always a bad thing. Leaders are able to carry themselves in the public eye and also provide a sense of security to those that might not reap the benefits. Michelle Obama has a law degree gave back to her hometown of Chicago once she obtained her degree. Her passion has always been to help others in any way that she can. The drive and determination that she has for education, military families, and health of the children.

She offers traits and skills that align with leadership as it has been determined in studies. The older philosophers have discussed these topics and offered examples that mimic Michelle Obama. Although her husband’s terms as president have been concluded, she can still be found in the spotlight doing something positive.

The knowledge, passion, and determination that she is displayed in her actions are qualification as a leader. Her appearance on television and in magazines is motivation for young girls all over the United States. If you are still wondering why Michelle Obama is a leader, then you might want to complete a study on the Trait Approach of Leadership. She continues to promote education in the youth of America, offers assistance to military families, and provide inspiration on different platforms despite no longer being the First Lady of the United States.

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