February 13, 2018   


For the past 14 months we have witnessed chaos within the executive branch.  Namely, from the current President of the United States.  With this in mind, let’s think back to a more stable time in the White House.  That is, when the 44th President, Barack Obama, was commander-in-chief.  Politics was still politics; there was still the battle of conservatives vs. liberals; and the same routine issues remained (i.e. economic distress, violence, etc.).  But the leader of our nation was not one who incited or invited controversy, however.  Mr. Obama wanted to achieve peace with Congress and across the international lines.  He wanted equal opportunity and healthcare of all citizens.  He wanted to create jobs, boost the economy and be more environmentally conscious.  Some would say he did a good job; others would disagree.  However, what most will agree on is that Obama was a calm leader, no matter what was going on in our world.  At the time, this quality was ignored.  Now though, it is sorely missed.

What made Obama a calm leader?  His self-confidence exuded during national speeches and appearances.  His opponents would view this as arrogance.  On the other hand, many people want a leader with confidence.  Confidence allows a leader to not only lead others but direct others to action that ultimately does the most good.  Obama was confident that displaying composure no matter the situation would inspire to not only model the way, but to be leaders in their own right.

Obama’s peacefulness also allowed him to work with others, even during difficult and disagreeable times.  Obama possessed (or learned, during his presidency) people skills that translated into progress.  He studied people and learned how to appeal to their senses, to achieve the best outcome.  A leader must be able to work with others, to have them do the job that is necessary.  A leader does not achieve success alone but with the help of others.

Obama’s confidence and people skills guided him through 8 years of life in the White House.  Trying to serve the interest of many without agitating a few is a tough job.  Looking back, while no one is fully prepared for the role of President, it helps to have a solid sense of self and the ability to work with those around you (for better or worse).  Barack Obama is a true example of the calm in the storm that is the presidency.

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