Can Justin Trudeau fill the political shoes of his father?


Political speculations about Justin Trudeau from more than a decade ago may come to fruition in October.

Canadians have said for years that Justin may follow in his father’s footsteps by leading the country as a Liberal Prime Minister. Well, the federal election is less than a month away and the Liberals are leading in the polls.

Early speculations came following the death of his father, Pierre Trudeau, and Justin gave a eulogy that evoked strong emotion in people. The speech is still widely circulated online and he was seen as an influencer by many.

Within the next 10 years, he landed his first formal political position as the chair for a Liberal task force aimed at increasing youth support. He continued to develop his leadership skills as he was slowly granted more and more power, which gave him the opportunity to influence larger and larger audiences.

According to the psychodynamic approach people absorb leadership qualities from the first leaders they’re exposed to – typically their parents. As they mature, they either adopt the same leadership style, or embrace an opposite style.

In Justin’s case, it seems that he’s adopted his father’s approach, especially when it comes to influencing audiences by triggering emotion, also known as inspirational appeals.

Pierre is remembered as being charismatic and one of Canada’s best-known politicians.

By April 2013, Justin was chosen as the federal Liberal party leader with nearly 80 per cent of the vote. A clear indication that he is able to connect with the people he represents.

Now, as his campaign is under way in an attempt to achieve the most powerful political position in the country, he continues to try to influence people to support his bid.

Since Canada has been under a Conservative reign for the last nine years, Trudeau does not have as much legitimate power as the person he is campaigning against, the most recent Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Although Trudeau’s tactics align with most of what the leader-based theories of leadership stipulates (For instance, that he dresses well, which commands authority),  it’s not enough since his the other politicians against him dress the same.

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If he wins the election, he will gain power and thus, have the opportunity to be more influential than ever before.


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