Archive | February, 2016

From the Football Field to the Corner Office, Kevin Plank Knows How to “Play the Game”

It all started when Kevin Plank played as a special teams captain for the University of Maryland back in the mid-1990s.  Plank wanted to create a high-performance t-shirt that would absorb sweat compared to a traditional cotton t-shirt.  Fast-forward to 2016 where Under Armour is now a “multi-billion dollar global brand and the maker of […]

Gallaway promoted to Sr. HR Leader because of her traits and skills.

Kate Gallaway is selected as the next Senior Human Resources (HR) leader of Supplier Management for Boeing Commercial Airplanes within The Boeing Company. It is Gallaway’s personality traits of conscientiousness, self-confidence and friendliness that illuminated her as the best choice and her human and conceptual skills that ensures Gallaway will get the job done. Gallaway’s 9 year tenure with the company […]

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