Former leader at Kings Plaza, Mary Smith, hired to salvage the declining department in Macys Queens Center


Mary Smith, former manager of handbags in the Kings Plaza Macy’s location has been hired recently as new manager of the Men’s Shoes department in Macys Queens Center in Elhmurst, NY.  The Men’s Shoes department, which has experienced a decline in sales and overall customer service reviews between the 2014 to the 2015 fiscal years, has been struggling to meet their goals and performance measures and ultimately live up to the expectation of customer service provided  in Macy’s stores.  Customer Reviews, My Client performance, and Macy’s Credit have been significantly low and a dramatic inter-store change needed to be made.

Mary Smith has been described as the “Queen of My Client” at her former store, Kings Plaza in Brooklyn, NY where she was a Department Sales Manager as well.  Mary stated that she is looking forward to working with the Men’s shoes team at Queens Center.  The Men’s Shoes department in Queens has been suffering the most out of all departments in the store under the leadership of previous leader Dina Neehman.  Many of the sales associates at the Queens store have become comfortable in their roles and failed to increase their performance with new added feature at Macy’s which is the new My Client System.  Macy’s new My Client system is a way for associates to communicate with frequent customers that are likely to come back into the store on a different occasion as they are regular shoppers at a certain location.  The main associate job function included in the My Client process is the need to call customers on a monthly or even weekly basis to inform them of upcoming sales. The sales associates in Men’s shoes have had a “laid back” approach and it will be interesting to tell how they will respond to Mary’s strict style of leadership.

Mary’s former employees have described her as “By the book” and eager to exceed all goals and performance measures.  Mary has had a tendency to be rigid in her expectations and the transition from the previous Men’s shoes manager to the current manager will be a significant change for the sales associates in the department.  Mary has been described as having high expectations of her sales associates and has been said to exhibit traits such as being determined in her work and dominance.  For a team who has been led with less-than-rigid expectations, this will be an adjustment.  Nevertheless, the sales numbers and My Client statistics will ultimately speak for themselves to determine Mary’s effectiveness as a leader in a department that has not been used to being “managed” for the past two years.

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