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The Road to Extraordinary

In his new book Peak: Secrets of the New Science of Expertise, K. Anders Ericsson proposes that almost all of us have the seeds of excellence within us—it’s just a question of nurturing them via deliberate practice. What is deliberate practice? Deliberate practice is the breakdown of expertise into a  series of smaller, attainable practices. […]

He Came to Transform !

Jesus came to transform, and not to manage. He inspired followers to have high moral standards, vision and purpose. Likewise, Jesus inspired trust through his actions and his word, and is the explicit receptor of that trust. In fact, many have been put to death for keeping their trust in him. Jesus’ leadership encouraged all […]

Leadership From the Heart

Ten years ago, Kristi started at the bank as a teller. She provided amazing customer service and helped build the bank’s clientele. Not long after, she became a supervisor and inspired employees to achieve their goals. Recently she has been recognized for her hard work and was promoted to a branch manager. Kristi not only […]

After 27 Years of Government Experience, Rich Bittner Proves That Stellar Federal Leaders Still Exist

Rich Bittner, a branch chief at the Department of Commerce for the federal government, has over 27 years of government experience and still works daily to learn and improve upon his leadership skills. Rich uses supreme people skills and a knack for truly getting to know someone’s history and how they act in a professional […]

Manager Vic

It takes a special type of leader to change the lives of their team. To give and not only expect greatness is the type of leader that makes a team successful. To give oneself wholeheartedly to their team, to understand them, to grow with them, to teach them and to listen to them, gives that […]

U01 The Relationship Between Leadership Skills and Power

Looking at the skills model of leadership there are three categories of leadership skills: human, technical and conceptual. Human skills are the ability to work with people and understand their motivations. Technical skills are those that involve knowledge and being able to use the tools at your disposal. Conceptual skills are the hardest to define […]

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