Manager Vic

It takes a special type of leader to change the lives of their team. To give and not only expect greatness is the type of leader that makes a team successful. To give oneself wholeheartedly to their team, to understand them, to grow with them, to teach them and to listen to them, gives that team the chance to trust their leader and become leaders themselves. Manager Vic not only guides his team but he takes that team and makes them the best type of person they can be.

Manager Vic takes his job seriously. He understands the area that the restaurant is located in, and while the towns are small that surround it, he knows the dedication of its people to having a nice place to celebrate their birthdays etc. He takes the goals that corporate dictates and not only passes them along to those he oversees, but he takes them on himself. He knows how to work the kitchen, he will wait on tables if the servers get too busy, and he will make drinks behind the bar to engage in conversation with the customers just to buy the bartender time to change the tap.

Vic knows his employees inside and out. If they’re in school, he gives them a space to hide their books for quiet times so they can study. He gives the internet passwords so they can write papers or submit a quiz if they forgot. Vic knows if someone has children and invites them to hang out at the restaurant at a certain table if the employee couldn’t find a babysitter. He gives opportunities to those who have a record and are looking to better their lives. He doesn’t judge based on what he sees. He takes the time to understand someone weaknesses and their strengths to make sure they receive the proper training.

Vic defends his employees the best he can, earning their trust and dedication. He makes sure that tasks are completed, but will take the time to crack a joke with you on the side. Making the environment fun is one of his personal goals, and will do what is necessary to make everyone feel like their family. Though his employees don’t stay forever, he gives them his full support when they move on to different roads of their lives. He keeps in touch and always lets those people know they are welcome back if they ever needed a place again.

It is not only important to please the demands of the corporate office, but making sure your employees feel important, wanted, and needed goes a long way in the eyes of creating a successful team. Vic not only presents the “Great Man” traits, he shows his leadership with his behaviors. A team is not just a team in the eyes of the employees of Vic, it is family.

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