Tim Cook, the leader of today’s Apple

Over the past few weeks Apple Inc. announced its next generation of iPhones as they do every year. This was no ordinary year for the tech giant as it was the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. Over the last ten years Apple has enjoyed the fruits of its most innovative product. That success is because of their visionary co-founder Steve Jobs. If it were not for Jobs drive and vision we would not be here now 10 years later. One thing is missing from this milestone year…Steve. Steve Jobs lost his battle with cancer in 2011 leaving behind the company that he created. But how did we get to this moment without Jobs? In comes Tim Cook the current leader of Apple Inc.

Tim Cook is no stranger to Apple. He was hand-picked by Jobs to join him during the revitalization of Apple. Cook, a close friend of Jobs, took over the role of CEO after Jobs had passed away in 2011. Although the two were close, Steve and Tim and vastly different methods of leadership for Apple. When Cook took over as CEO he made some drastic changes to the way Apple worked. Tim wanted to be more collaborative to drive innovation. Also wanted to be more open with the media and be social responsible for the company. Cook’s ideology was to be more inclusive, collaborative, and open unlike Jobs who was virtually the opposite.

Cook’s background and personality are two factors that drive his leadership style. He is known to be very charitable. That is in part to an experience where he was misdiagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It is experiences like these that can change our outlook on life. This was one of those moments for Tim Cook. It is these life changing moments that have profound impact on our lives. Tim didn’t know that he would become CEO of Apple. He hasn’t let the title of CEO change who he is as a person.

Tim Cook is his own leader. Critics of him have wondered if what Cook has done is the same thing that Jobs would have done. The answer is likely no. Tim Cook has done what many had doubts that he could do and that is to continue to grow Apple to new heights. Apple one of the world’s most valuable companies. That does not happen by accident. Tim Cook is an innovative leader who wants nothing more than to push Apple to greater heights.

Remember when we said something was missing at the iPhone unveiling? Steve was missing yes, but leader and innovator of the company was not. His name is Tim Cook.

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