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A Leader’s Decent Into Darkness: David Koresh Leads 71 Branch Davidians to their Death

The mere mention of the word leadership in business and academic environments brings about positive feelings, commands attentiveness, and beseeches visions of such greats as Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and Abraham Lincoln. It invokes discussions about greatness, destiny, potential, and direction. It remains the answer to all that ails us in our personal […]

Positive Leadership – SGM Brendon O’connor

Photo Credit: United States Army Publaction Today’s concept of leadership has changed drastically over the years. With constraints of budgets, stricter deadlines, doing more with fewer assets just to name a few.While time changes everything around us, so does the concept of leadership and how one is designed to lead. Many people have the drive […]

Authentic, Transformational Leadership: Why it Matters

Today more and more companies are realizing the need for authentic, transformational leadership (Northouse, 2016).  Though separate, these styles are complementary and share many common traits, such as:  self-awareness, positive modeling, positive moral perspective, and being values-driven (Minard, 2012).  Emily Barry, a senior director at a Fortune 500 company, is an impeccable example of an […]

Trial Section Chief of Camden County Prosecutor’s Office: Leading Those Who Bring Justice to New Jersey’s 2nd Highest Crime-Ridden County

The Section Chief (K) of the Trial Team Unit of the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office (CCPO) is an excellent leader whose leadership success can be explained by both the trait and skills theories of leadership. The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office (CCPO) is the primary law enforcement agency for Camden County, New Jersey. It is the […]

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