From Administrative Assistant to a Labor Relations Attorney

Joe, the current Director of Labor Relations has not always been considered a leader.

Joe once started as an administrative assistant at a local law firm. Joe instantly became fascinated with the type of work he was encountering daily due to the attorneys he worked closely with. Joe had the opportunity learn more about the legal procedures while working at the law firm. Despites the daily tasks Joe encountered, Joe knew he wanted to do more. He decided to pursue a degree in order to become a paralegal. The law firm provided Joe a growth opportunity to intern closely with one of the head attorneys at the law firm. As Joe received more opportunities, Joe received more responsibilities with his assignments. He had taken initiative to review law cases and provide recommendations.  By gaining all of these opportunities, Joe had determination and passion to go further in his career by pursing a law degree. Joe illustrated drive and persistence to achieve his dream. He then got accepted into law school. Joe continued to work as an intern while working his way through law school. Joe was continued to try new tasks and assignments to keep his opportunities open. Joe enjoyed all the assignments that were being given. This led to Joe’s true passion of working as an attorney in labor relations. After graduation, he continued to work at the local law firm.

Right after graduation, Joe received an opportunity to work as an attorney at the private practice.  This was the opportunity Joe was looking for all along post graduation. Joe knew his persistence and determination would one day pay off. Joe demonstrated since the beginning leadership skills by taking initiative on all assignments and being open to take on new opportunities. Joe constantly received praise for his hard work and dedication. He knew this opportunity was the right step in the right direction. This opportunity had the ability to provide new assignments and more leadership opportunities. Joe soon became one of the top attorneys at the law firm. Due to his numerous years in a leadership position, Joe then transitioned into a hospital setting working as another leader as the Director of Labor Relations. He Joe is always willing to help others by conducting effective problem solving and shows persistence. Joe uses his previous experience and strong leadership traits to better his subordinates, himself and the organization. By demonstrating traits of leadership, he had gone a long way from once being an administrative assistant to an attorney to a director.


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