USCG Armory Supervisor raises the bar for leadership expectations.

Bill Smith who served as Armory Supervisor for four years was acknowledged for his service and leadership for one of the most dynamic and largest Armories in the United States Coast Guard.  He is commended for his tireless service and leadership practices during his tenure at the Special Missions Training Center.

As the Armory Supervisor, Bill Smith coordinated the actions of 20 Gunner’s Mates on a daily basis in the completion of asset transactions, ammunitions transfers, ordnance expenditures, and range training.  Bill Smith is noted for his implementation of increased communication practices and holding the expectations of his employees at the highest of standards.  Bill Smith is accredited for producing the highest ever productivity numbers for the Special Missions Training Center since its inception in the early 2000s.  Former subordinates of Bill Smith claim that his transparency and behavior as a leader increased morale and dedication to the Armory.  Bill’s passion and ability to get the most out of every individual aided in the success of the Armory and its employees.  Former employees have also said that Bill Smith transformed everyone into a passionate employee and easily convinced newcomers on the vision and goals of the unit.

As a leader Bill Smith will always be remembered for his compassion for employees and their well-being.  As a supervisor Bill Smith’s productivity metrics will serve as a milestone for prospective Armory Supervisors.  Supervisors and subordinates in any profession can look at the behaviors and leadership practices displayed by Bill Smith and use his actions as a example for improvement in the workplace.  Bill Smith is a true example of how a leader behaves can truly have an impact on the lives and productivity of employees in the workplace.

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