The Importance of Commitment and Example…How and Effective Leader Lead

Effective leaders are the ones that can motivate themselves but also others. They know where they are coming from, but most importantly where they are going. They know their WHY…Within an organization; leaders have a key role to guide its human talent to give the best of them everyday. An effective leader will inspire and be an example of ethic and integrity. Encourage others to succeed and inspire. They would lead but not command, they would guide people while listening to what they have to say and understanding their needs.

Orlando is the Safety and Training Manager for the City of Fort Lauderdale. He is in charge of all safety and training for all city employees and the investigation of all employee injuries and vehicle accidents involving a city vehicle or damages to city property. As a leader, he states, “it is essential that I continue to grow and take advantage of all formal training offered by the City as well as learned by example via my superiors and mentors”. He also refers to his dad as his mentor “I think my mentor has always been my father. I always wanted to be like him and have followed in his footsteps. He has given me great strength and has always been there for me and my family”.

It is not a coincidence that what Orlando likes most about his role as a leader, is that he gets to be a role model. “I enjoy communicating information and facilitating the learning process for others.  I do not like failures, people who do not try and lie. I feel people who do not try or lie do not deserve my time or trust”.

Orlando will offer his team contentment but will also make they do their best to achieve their goals. “ I always encourage my subordinates as well as all of my students to think out of the box.  I explain to them that there are always a solution to all problems and that sometimes it’s easier to take the short cuts but usually those are the most dangerous and can cause people to get hurt”.

What truly makes Orlando successful is his integrity and passion for learning. He is aware of the impact he can make as leader and acts upon it. He meets regularly with his team to make sure they know the bigger picture and the impact that they have in the overall success of the City. He facilities trainings on a weekly basis and makes himself available for any questions. “It is essential that people continue to grow and take advantage of education as well as learn by example via their superiors and mentors. I am committed to the success of the City of Fort Lauderdale and my team”.



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