Robert Smith: The Leader of Tomorrow

Robert Smith embodies the very essence of leadership among his peers, subordinates, and management. He was recently awarded with the prestigious Department of Defense leadership award for his efforts to recruit veterans into the workplace. In order for this to be accomplished, Robert traveled around the nation to various military bases to speak to upcoming military retirees and veterans as part of their out-processing and guidance counseling.

This accomplishment is both admirable for the military community, as well as his organization. Not only do these individuals benefit from hearing from a senior leader within their current Department of Defense community, it helps give them a potential networking contact for a potential future career. This is admirable for Robert because it gives the organization an immense pool of potential high quality candidates that can relate to the workplace, have security clearances, and are looking for a career.

The leader of tomorrow is a term coined for this news article to reflect the out of box thinking for his leadership styles. In the current career arena, management must think of ways for recruitment and retention within their organizations. This includes expanding ways to network to include his contributions on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other online services that can help connect a potential employee candidate with a hiring Human Resources staff, or something within the organization. He excels in this regard by being open to utilizing all of these methodologies to interact with others, both internal and external.

By being an encouraging leader that is relatable, given his retired military officer status, and ambition it creates a very positive environment. Everyone can relate to this non-toxic environment being crucial to continued satisfaction within leadership.

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