Geographical Locations and Leaders Skills

Yousef is from Saudi Arabia. Finished his bachelor’s degree at the US. Then joined the biggest oil and gas governmental Company back home, working with projects management admin area. In all project that he did, he used to spend a couple of years completing the engineering in a westerner city. So, he is kind of kind of westernized.

He is creative, innovative and always open to new ideas. He is smart and very knowledge. On the human side, he is team oriented, open minded, caring with a great deal of emotional and social intelligence. His experience record is amazing as he is a production machine and doesn’t stand still. And with being an excellent reader allowed to be matter of expert in almost all areas related to his work.

We do not have a lot of such leaders in the middle east, which what I believe triggered his competitors to be converted into enemies mostly. The real problem is not his competitors, it is his superiors. From their positions they are easily overseeing all his great skills and traits that to them are nothing but danger and risks to their chairs. I have seen with my beer eyes incidents where his managers try very hard to do all kind of emotional tricks to demoralize him and destroy him. Someone could get the idea that there a bit of exaggerating here but trust me geography matters, and desert cap transmit its aggressiveness to people.

As leadership studies proved specifically in the “three-skills model” that conceptual matters a lot in top management level (Pennsylvania State University, 2019). The practice in the middle east is not considering that at all. And the most important key thing is how you use your social intelligence in winning superiors’ hearts. It is kind of popular here that a guy would be chosen for high position by top management and the only reason is just “we like him”.

Yousef have made it so far to mid management however I do think that if he was in a modern country with healthier organizations who would have been something like Bill Gates.




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