The Lessons of an Intellectual Leader

Great leaders have the potential to influence and make a positive change to their followers’ lives through understanding, strengthening, and building upon their knowledge. Cindy a middle school math teacher and softball coach is a great example of this where she knows how to build and strengthen students’ knowledge, creativity, and common sense.

Cindy has been a successful coach where she has led the team to playoffs almost every year. I had the privilege to be both her student and her player for two years. During this time, she cultivated our learning from teaching us the practical knowledge that we needed for the game and the mind to muscle memory we needed to learn to play the sport. For the players who entered the season new at the beginning of the year she would not let you step on the field until she knew that you were ready to learn from her. Cindy wanted to ensure that we knew the knowledge about how to condition and feed our bodies to better our performance. She would go out of her way to pass along her knowledge in a creative way. For example, the day after every game we would have an hour-long yoga session to teach us the importance of stretching and then she would have nutritional classes held at her home. This may not be applicable for coaches to do anymore; however, she taught us how to cook in way that were delicious, but still gave our bodies the nutrients it needed.

On the other hand, during math classes Cindy would reiterate the importance of knowing the basics of mathematics before getting to an upper-divisional class where if a student did not know a previous topic, she would volunteer her extra time after school to help. If a student wanted to learn she would go the extra mile if not more. Her classes were never boring where she would foster creativity in her students by assigning them interactive activities to help them learn better while working collaboratively.

Leaders are an important aspect in everyone’s lives because they allow their followers or students to develop the knowledge and skills, they will need for their future endeavors. I was fortunate enough to have Coach Cindy in my life to teach me the importance of practical knowledge that I did not always know and to increase my intelligence in a subject I was not always the greatest at. The one lesson I have learned from her is anyone can be better if they give nothing lesson than 110% effort. She was a true intellectual leader and left a positive imprint on my life and in others.

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