When Leadership traits armed with skills

Can personal traits be a success predictor for strong leadership? The answer would be “No”. Trait approaches representing of “Great Man” theory is no longer independently be supported to define the leadership. Now not only building leadership skills but also collaborating with many other factors (Followership, Situation and so on) can be important factors to lead a leader to a successful leadership.

EC as a regional HR Group Director & Business Partner, she had 6 direct reports and 15 team members under her organization. She was in the position for about 6.5 years. Over time, she built a strong team culture of interacting with each other, keeping learning, and sharing within the team. Her team voluntarily went extra miles and contributed the team to make higher performances. she was a person with self-confidence, analytic, practical and creative intelligence and also with social intelligence (Goleman, 2006).

She has proven herself in leadership qualities and skills through delegation, team-building skills, flexibility, coaching, mentoring, and collaboration. She could create strong partnership and influences on the people who she is related to at work – her team, her colleagues, her leadership and business partners. Her continuous performance and success became a role model for the followers.

As a leader, she has the inborn potentials of personal leadership traits, but more importantly, she kept improving and developing her leadership skills through learnings, benchmarking a role model, and also sharing her experiences coaching/mentoring her team. She could strengthen her skills with her traits which could be great advantages for her.

To be a leader, it is important to have personal traits, which would be leadership potentials, but that is not sufficient. When they develop and advance their skills supplementing and/or synthesizing with their own traits, it can even create more powerful and influencing leadership. There is no “perfect” leader or leadership to suit for every occasions and situations in the organizations. Leaders can use their traits to develop their skills and strengthen their leadership to be more powerful and influencing.


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