The Effectiveness of Leadership Through Others

The Effectiveness of Leadership Through Others.

     The effectiveness of leadership that Mr. Barry puts forth is all about relationships. The way you connect with the ones around you. The way you make them want to become better. The way you influence them to be the best version of themselves. The way you lead them in realizingthat anything is possible if they put the work in. He is a basketball coach who leads his players through the most difficult times. He leads those around him with the competency model. “A competency model is the set of knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to be successful in a job. It is simply a picture of what a successful person in this position would be like” (Northouse 2015).

Mr. Barry has been a basketball coach all his life. He has been a leader and a mentor to many players that he has had the ability to coach. There was one situation that Mr. Barry used hiseffective leadership to save someone’s life. A player was going through depression, dealing with a lot of family issues where he came from. Basketball was his only outlet away from all of this. Mr. Barry never knew the full extent of the home life of this player, but always knew there was something more to the reason this player was constantly motivated. Mr. Barry’s social influence was of another kind. “The idea of social influence is activating automatic processing (unconscious thoughts and behaviors that once triggered produce very predictable responses) in others to get them to comply with your requests. In particular, there are certain behaviors that you can use for this purpose” ( Robert Cialdini 2006;2008). The change in behavior that Mr. Barry had on this player was astonishing. The second the player was on the court, in the classroom he was on top of his positive attitude and behavior. The second he got home and wasn’t being intentionally influenced by Mr. Barry is when he started to get into trouble. Mr. Barry was changing the results of the way this player perceives themselves. He was getting him to acknowledge his own skills and abilities on the court and in the classroom. He taught him that no matter the surroundings, he needs to stay true to the talent and person he really is.

Mr. Barry used his relationships with others to influence them into being their best selves.This player was going through the hardest time and always wanted to give up. When he went to him for advice and support, Mr. Barry did not give him that option. He stood by him and reminded him every single day, one way or another I will make sure you make something of yourself. The player kept fighting through this depression and family life he was brought up into and went to Mr. Barry every single morning and every single day at the end of the day. After months of listening and being influenced by Mr.Barry, he was offered a full scholarship for basketball at a D1 college. He never gave up hope and through everything, the one person he thanked the most and cried to when finding out the news was Mr.Barry. The true effectiveness ofa leader is having a positive influence there for you. To have someone effectively teach you the right behaviors and attitudes to portray to make the most of yourself in this world. Mr. Barry wasthe true effectiveness of leadership through others.


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