Define a Leader- Newspaper Article

Newspaper Article (Names and districts have been changed). State Senator Sam Street who represents the 50th Senatorial district of PA demonstrated strong leadership skills when he stood up to visiting NRA supporters on Thursday evening at a packed town hall on addressing Gun violence in Pennsylvania. Senator Street made a strong statement using his background […]

Does the sizzle sell the steak, or is it the steak that sells the sizzle?

Bill Gates is often overlooked as a leader. He never possessed the showmanship of Steve Jobs. Bill Gates, however, did revolutionize how we communicate and do business. Steve Jobs wanted an Apple Computer in every household, Gates achieved this but with his Windows-based computers. Gates grew Microsoft to the tech giant we know today, based […]

Power of Leadership

           Leadership is something that has perplexed many over time. It is a complex and dynamic aspect of organizations worldwide. It takes time for a leader’s abilities, leadership skills, and traits to become evident (Penn State, 2019a). A leader cannot be judged based on first impressions or only by the education they may hold (Penn […]

A Trustworthy Leader to Look Up To

Trust is the corner stone of Mr. Thompson’s leadership style which combines transformational and skills-based approaches to leadership. Mr. Thompson has led teams through difficult times and developed his followers to be successful leaders. He treats all the members on his team with respect no matter where the members fall in the organizational hierarchy. This […]

Tidepool among Bridgewater’s elite leaders

Jane Tidepool, CNO has been inducted in the leader hall of fame at the Bridgewater University Hospital of the Central Health System. Tidepool follows last year’s inductee, Dean Phillip Physician, MD. This is the first time in the 56-year history of the organization that a Chief Nursing Officer has been inducted into the prestigious group. […]

Collective Practice of the Trait and Skills Theories

Are leaders more efficient when applying two or more leadership approaches to their leadership process? Let’s examine Diane. Diane is a fashion designer, author, philanthropist, and President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). She describes her mother as being “strict and somewhat distant” (von Fürstenberg, 2014). Diane’s mother is a Holocaust survivor […]

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