Leadership: Understanding Situations and Demonstrating Social Behavior

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes with various traits, skills, characteristics, and behaviors.  The focus of this article is on one leader in particular, William “Skip” Benz; Chief Audit Officer (CAO) at Metra.  Skip has climbed quickly at Metra from an attorney to CAO, earning the respect and following of many of his superiors, […]

News Article

Leadership: Tom Kane Introduction Tom Kane character fits the definition of a natural leader, and this has been portrayed in the way he interacts with other people. He has been able to create a positive environment that has attracted the attention of those around him so that in him, they find a figure to look […]

Darrell Curry: The Influential Bulldog

Darrell Curry: The Influential Bulldog Darrell Curry has been called many things: intimidating, blunt, outspoken, a bulldog.  In short, he doesn’t leave people with a warm and fuzzy first impression.  However, what most people don’t realize about Darrell is that he is an outstanding leader. I started my career at MedDevices in January 2016.  Darrell […]

Sorry DMX, let’s talk about the original Rough Rider

At times we might think certain leaders were born with attributes contributing to their positive or negative influences over followers. Think of a leader in your life. Whether they’re good or bad leaders, have you ever substantiated the perspectives that were developed about those individuals? A growing field of study around the psychology of leadership […]

The Authentic Transformational Leaderership of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is arguably one of the most well-known, respected and influential leaders of the 20th century. His strategic staging of non-violent protests and optimistic vision of a racially unified world where all human beings enjoyed the same economic and social rights, helped inspire millions and contributed to introduction and passage of both […]

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