Daily Archives: January 2, 2013

University Park Discovery Day 2013

Discovery Day 2013 at University Park is set for Friday, March 1. The Discovery Day planning committee is hard at work to make the 2013 event an exceptional experience for all participants. We would like to thank everybody who submitted responses to the survey. You will soon be receiving regular announcements about Discovery Day activities both in Interview and via email. — submitted by the Discovery Day Project Team

ILLiad moving to OCLC hosted server

By Barbara Coopey

On January 9, 2013 Penn State ILLiad will migrate to a hosted server located at OCLC.  ILLiad will be down at noon on January 8, 2013 to halt transaction activity in order to back up the database in preparation for the migration. To reduce the size of the database for the migration, 689,415 ILLiad transactions from 2002 through 2007 were purged in December 2012.

Moving to a hosted server means that ILLiad will no longer be housed and supported locally in the Libraries. DLT has housed and maintained ILLiad since 2002. With the transition to an OCLC ILLiad server hosting service, all aspects of ILLiad will be moved from DLT to OCLC.

OCLC offers a restricted access and secure facility with 24-hour monitoring of the ILLiad system. OCLC will be maintaining the necessary hardware and software components, back-ups, and system and software upgrades for the Penn State ILLiad. This frees DLT and I-Tech staff from being responsible for supporting ILLiad hardware and software components and upgrades.

Penn State users should not notice any changes with the migration of services to OCLC. A new Penn State ILLiad was built on an OCLC server that will house all of our ILLiad web pages and files and the transaction database. The Penn State “thumbprint” authentication will continue to be used with the new hosted service. ILLiad was developed by Atlas Systems and is distributed through OCLC. More information (http://www.oclc.org/illiad/hosted/default.htm) about ILLiad hosted service at OCLC.

Penn State Wikispaces

Submitted by Ryan Johnson, technology training coordinator

Wikispaces recently upgraded to Confluence 4. A new editor replaces both the wiki markup editor and rich text editor. It makes wiki markup easier to use and makes the rich text editor more stable and consistent, especially when viewed in display or edit mode. Some of the new features of this editor include autocomplete, shortcut keys and superscript and subscript text formatting.

Below are some other questions you may have with the new editor:

Will you be able to paste wiki markup into the new Confluence editor?

There will be multiple ways to insert wiki markup in the new editor. For those of you that have learned wiki markup and like the speed of wiki markup, you will still be able to write wiki markup in the new editor. This wiki markup converts ‘on the fly’, providing a faster editing experience. For those of you that have scripts that produce wiki markup, or often write wiki markup in meetings, the new Confluence 4.0 editor introduces an Insert > Wiki markup dialog that will let you paste wiki markup for a one-way conversion.

Will Confluence 4.0 support the Office Connector, including ‘Edit Page in Word’ functionality?

Most of the features of the Office Connector (the View File macros, Import from Word)  work in Confluence 4.0, but it does not include the ‘Edit in Word’ feature, which is replaced by a simplified new editor user interface. These are just a few of the changes, for more information about the changes to Wikispaces, please see the release notes or view some of the Tutorial videos.