Incivility in Pop Culture

By Amber Hatch

According to the results of the latest annual Civility in America survey 63 percent of the respondents believe that we have a major civility problem in America. The respondents also identified what they felt were the sources of incivility in American culture.

Among the top offenders were:

  • Politicians: 63 percent
  • Government Officials: 57 percent
  • Media: 50 percent
  • Celebrities: 42 percent
  • Internet/Social Media: 38 percent
  • Sports Figures: 29 percent

Join us this Discovery Day to explore and discuss the phenomenon of incivility in pop culture. We will be looking at examples of incivility in media, current events, sports, and social media followed by an open conversation about our reactions. We will be discussing such questions as: does the behavior we see in politics, sports, and media impact the way we treat each other at work or home? Does pop culture glorify incivility or make it appear acceptable? Is pop culture simply showing the incivility we see in everyday life or it is contributing to an increase in incivility?

You are welcome to bring your own examples of incivility in pop culture or send them in advance to Amber Hatch ( ) and they will be added to the discussion.

When: Discovery Day – Friday, March 1, 3:30pm
Where: 203 Paterno Register at Tech Smart