Access Services open house assessment

By Ann Snowman

On February 14, the Access Services Department hosted an open house in the Mann Assembly room that attracted more than 70 guests who got to know us better by visiting the assorted displays and exhibits, engaging with staff and touring a variety of offices and workrooms. Access Services took the opportunity to display the skills, expertise and knowledge of our staff as they demonstrated the  contributions the department makes to the Libraries’ enterprise.

Following the open house we sought feedback via a survey of those who entered our prize drawing because they had visited all of the stamping stations before submitting their entry forms; so we felt sure they would be able to respond to our questions. They told us that learning about the work of Adaptive Technology & Services was a real eye-opener. Some were surprised by the number of different work units that comprise Access Services Department. Others commented on the sheer number of course reserves, the number of floors where shelving occurs (14), and a few commented on the insight they received into the Annex. It was suggested that we could better articulate our role as the “switch board” for reporting printing problems to ITS and the way we collaborate with other departments throughout the Libraries, so we’ll work on that. We are pleased to note that the impression Access Services left with our visitors was overall a positive one and every survey respondent mentioned their experience to someone else.

If you didn’t have a chance to join us that day, you can still tour the department virtually. Of course, we welcome your questions at any time. Just contact us at

Special thanks go to Barbara Coopey and Melody Gehlbach who organized the event.