Add important University dates to your UCS calendar

By Ryan Johnson, technology training coordinator

The bursar’s office publishes a calendar that has quite a few important University dates on it. You can add a copy of this calendar to your UCS account by going through the steps below. This will give you a separate calendar in UCS just for dates that the bursar’s office thinks are important and will appear in the top banner section of your calendar.

create new calendar screenshot

 1.) In the UCS Web Client, Click the Calendar tab
create new calendar icon button

2.) Click the Create a new calendar button
3.) Enter in the Name: field what you want the calendar called.
4.) Enter in the Color: field what color you want the calendar to appear in UCS.
5.) Check ‘Exclude this calendar when reporting free/busy times
6.) Check ‘Synchronize appointments from remote calendar’
7.) A new field will appear. Paste the following link into it:

The result will look something like this in your UCS Calendarcalendar screenshot