Alternatives to Google Reader

By Ryan Johnson, technology training coordinator

Google announced recently it will be closing down Google Reader on July 1 of this year. If you use Google Reader it’s time to start thinking about alternatives.

NetVibes – This is one of the most popular web-based readers which offers a Google Reader-like interface.

News Blur – is also a good option with an interface that’s very similar to Google Reader. NewsBlur also has Android and iOs apps that sync your feeds as well.

Feedly – is very popular but is very different that Google Reader. Its interface is more like a newspaper type feel.

Once you’ve found a new RSS reader, you should import your Google Reader feeds so you don’t have to re-subscribe to everything. Luckily, migrating your feeds from Google Reader is very simple. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Head to Google Takeout’s Reader page and click the Create Archive button. It’ll start building a file with all your feeds, the people you follow, starred items, and more (though most of these won’t be importable to other sites).

2. Once it’s finished building, click the Download button that appears to get your subscriptions.

3. Open up the ZIP file you just downloaded and go through the folders inside. Inside theReader folder, you should see a file called subscriptions.xml. Extract that to your desktop.

4. Open up your new feed reader of choice, head into its settings, and find the Import option. Select it, and choose the subscriptions.xml file you just extracted. All of your feeds should appear in your new reader.

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  1. Russ Hall

    I’m having good luck with “The Old Reader.” Very similar to Google Reader because…you guessed it, it’s based on an older iteration of Google Reader (but better). I’m still thinking about Feedly though.

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