To renew or not to renew…. that is the question!

Help answer this question by participating in the Elsevier E-Journal Forum to be held on Tuesday, April 30, 10-11 a.m., Foster Auditorium (and MediaSite).

Penn State’s current contract with Elsevier for e-journals ends in 2013. To inform the decision about whether and what to renew, a small group has been gathering data on usage of Elsevier titles, our costs and other factors. Some of the highlights of these data will be shared at the forum but a primary goal is to get input from you. Should we do another “big deal” with Elsevier? What other factors ought to be considered? Please join us as we share thoughts and considerations, or simply come and be dazzled by data! — Linda Musser

(Elsevier E-Journals Evaluation Team — David Brennan, Nan Butkovich and Linda Musser)