New Access Services training bulletin for E-Z Borrow processing staff

By Barbara Coopey
Announcements for Service Desks

What should staff do if a book needed for course reserves is checked out to an E-ZBorrow library? The PALCI consortium E-ZBorrow policies recommend that a book not be recalled unless it is needed for course reserves; and there is no recall function within the E-ZBorrow system. Training Bulletin No. 35, “How to recall a book for Course Reserves when it is charged out to an E-ZBorrow Library,” details the procedure staff can follow to recall a book needed for course reserves.

Since it may take a while for the book to be returned, staff should recall a book from an E-ZBorrow library only if there is no other available copy within Penn State Libraries.

The Training Bulletin is located under the “Circulation” heading on the Training Bulletins web site:

It is also linked from the E-ZBorrow Processing Instructions web site: