LionSearch 2.0: Webinar available

For those of you who were unable to view the Summon 2.0 Webinar live, the recording is now available here:

Highlights of the Webinar:

Serials Solutions will be updating the Summon interface and will make it available to us to preview in June. New and enhanced features include:

  • Topic explorer – a new third column on the interface which will bring up related topics, related scholars and their profiles and recommended research guides
  • Automatic query expansion – a query “extender” that allow users to search on what is familiar but to expand user query to find what is most relevant. The example given in the webinar shows a search for “heart attack.” Summon will extend that query to include “myocardial infarction”, while giving the user the option of limiting to original search terms only
  • Structured search results – results will be visually simplified with more intuitive facets. The results will also be structured more intuitively. News (newspaper articles), images and reference materials will be collapsed into sections. This will streamline the results and give focus to the books/ebooks and journal articles.

Watch the webinar for more details on these interface enhancements!

We will publicize the link to the beta site as soon as it is available in June. Please let us know if you have any questions!


Binky Lush and Emily Rimland
Discovery and Access Steering Team