Library of Congress approves continuation of the Pennsylvania Center for the Book

The Pennsylvania Center for the Book (PCFB), hosted by Penn State’s University Libraries, will continue operation for the next three years per approval of affiliate status by The Library of Congress Center for the Book (LC CFB) in Washington, D.C.

John Y. Cole, director of the LC CFB, noted, “I urge my Library of Congress colleagues to take a good look at PCFB’s website at, for ideas and example about how LC can learn and be inspired by prospering state center activities, including educational outreach; preschool family literacy programming and storytelling; poetry for all ages; graphic novels; and resource links to projects for Letters about Literature, the state center network, and national and international book and literary prizes and awards.”

Steven Herb, director of the PCFB and head of the Education and Behavioral Science Library, received praise from Cole on the success of the center under his leadership. Herb’s background and interest in early childhood education and reading, his imagination for new programs, and his uncanny ability to jumpstart multiple projects welcomed the news. Herb was quick to point to his talented staff, including Ellysa Stern Cahoy, Karla Schmit, Caroline Wermuth, and Jenny Litz among many others. He commented, “With our operations now ensured through 2015, the PCFB will continue our many programs and will look to consider some of the new initiatives of the LC CFB, such as its Young Readers Center.”

For more information about the PCFB, see the website noted above or contact Steven Herb at or 814-863-7617.

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