Daily Archives: July 8, 2013

Panel presentation on Knowledge Commons

There will be a panel presentation on the Knowledge Commons July 10, starting at 9:30 a.m. in Foster Auditorium. It will also be broadcast on MediaSite Live.

The presentation will highlight accomplishments of the past academic year and will also provide an opportunity to discuss activities and services planned for the coming year.

Joining Joe Fennewald will be:
Henry Moeller, Manager ITS Lab Consulting
Mark Warren, Manager IT Service Desk @ the KC
Nathan Culmer, Tech Tutor Coordinator
Ryan Wetzel, Media Commons UP Coordinator
Neill Johnson, Director, Penn State Learning

Behrend’s survey of graduating seniors

By Richard Hart, director, Lilley Library, Penn State Erie

For more than 20 years, Penn State Behrend has conducted a survey of its graduating seniors in order to measure their attitudes toward their college education. Originally administered through the Chancellor’s Office, in recent years the survey has been conducted by the College’s Institutional Research Committee. Among other things, the survey seeks information about the students’ satisfaction with their education, their post-graduation plans, and the degree to which they were challenged as students at Behrend.

Although it has been revised over the years, certain basic elements of the survey have remained relatively constant. Measuring student satisfaction with various campus offices, facilities, and services constitutes one of the central goals of the survey. Satisfaction is measured with a 5-point Likert-type scale. Included are the library, computing services, athletic facilities, the bursar, tutoring services, the bookstore, the registrar, residence life, food services, housing, and more, for a total of 26 items on the most recent survey. Continue reading

Instant RSS search

By Ryan Johnson, technology training coordinator

Previously, I discussed some good alternatives to Google Reader now that it’s been discontinued as of July 1. You may also want to find some good RSS feeds to use with your new RSS reader. Instant RSS Search is a web application that allows you to search for blogs, podcasts, news and more.

instant rss search

Just type in what you are looking for and the web application will show you all the feeds that match the criteria you provide. A unique feature of this tool is that you can preview the most recently published items of any RSS feed in the search results page itself.

New service request system

From I-Tech announcement :

On July 9, at 10 a.m., a new Service Request System, Jira, will replace the current libraries helpdesk. The current libraries helpdesk link ( http://helpdesk.libraries.psu.edu ) will redirect to a new CMS page.

On this page, contact information for support will be provided along with a new IT and Facilities Request Form. Select this link and enter your information for your request or issue.

All you need to do is to fill out the form regarding your request or issue and select submit . When submitted, all future correspondence for the ticket will be done by email. This is the major difference between the current helpdesk and the new system.

As always, you can also reach us by phone (814)-863-0647 or in person as well for your support needs. Additional correspondence will be sent out next week letting everyone know when the new system is live.