More details on ‘Ask a Librarian’ service

By Tom Reinsfelder, for the Online Reference Team

The new online reference system known as Ask A Librarian will be online beginning August 20. We need to thank everyone on CMS web development team for their hard work in helping to get everything ready before the start of the fall semester.

A few important items to note:

1. Although the system will be online and operational this week it will not be fully staffed until Monday August 26.
Beginning next week we will follow this Online Reference Schedule offering nearly 24 hour live chat coverage on week days.

2. The Ask A Librarian tab will appear on the right side of every page in the CMS and LionSearch. In the future this will be added to other locations including the CAT, Get It! pages, and ILLiad.

3. In addition to live chat, users may choose to submit questions by email using the form at or sending a message directly to

4. At times when live chat is not being monitored users will be directed to where they will be able to search for their answer or submit a question by email.

5. Further information about the Online Reference Team is posted on our Intranet Page.

Any questions or feedback about this service may be directed to