Libraries hold special event for Parents and Family Weekend

Submitted by Lisa German

“Do you mean students can check out books?” “Can my daughter bring her printer in and you’ll fix it?” “These photographs are beautiful.” These are just a few of the comments we heard from parents during the tours of Pattee and Paterno on Saturday morning as more than 150 students and parents took advantage of the opportunity to learn about the Libraries. Jim Quigel and Jackie Esposito explained the beauty of the Fay Lincoln exhibit. Karla shared with parents why some parents ask books to be pulled from the shelves in school and public libraries.

Library tours were given by Jack, Diane, Nonny, Karla and me while Joe helped them record messages in the “One Button Studio.” Parents asked to see the Life Science Library, the Business Library, the Paterno Reading Room (a woman wanted to show her husband the room in which we hosted the receptions for parents this summer) and the stacks. Feedback from tour participants was consistent; it is wonderful that the students have this great library as a resource.

Sincere thanks to Jackie Esposito, Jim Quigel, Joe Fennewald, Karla Schmit, Nonny Schlotzhauer, Diane Zabel, Jack Sulzer, and most especially, Shirley Davis, for helping to make this Parents and Family Tour of the Libraries so very successful.

Parents and Family Day library support

Photo by Lisa German