Use Activity Streams to create a quick filter in UCS

By Ryan Johnson, technology training coordinator

For most of us, the inbox is a busy place. Some messages you need to respond to right away, and others you might want to save to read at a later time. This second category includes newsletters you subscribe to, announcements from your favorite store, and others. They’re not spam messages, but you may consider them less important than others.

UCS lets you create an Activity Stream to keep track of those messages while moving them out of your inbox. To try this feature, select Mail, click the Action gear icon next to the Folders heading to the left, pick Activity Stream, and then click the Enable checkbox in the Activity Stream dialog box.

activity streamYou can fine-tune the filters to get more precise. Even using the default settings eliminates a lot of clutter from your inbox. But creating new rules is as easy as dragging and dropping a message from the inbox to the Activity Stream. You’ll be prompted to send future messages with the same sender or subject to the Activity stream.

Learn about this and other UCS Tips and Tricks in my session next week by registering in Techsmart. You can attend in-person or online over Adobe Connect.

University Collaboration Suite (UCS): Tips and Tricks
Description: This session will cover feature advanced topics in UCS including:

  • Using the Search Feature
  • Organizing Your Inbox
  • Using Templates

Also we will cover quick tips/tricks including:

  • Scheduling Email Delivery
  • Creating Quick Filters
  • Creating Sub-Folders
  • Advanced Email Options

Date: February 26, 2014 2:30 PM

Location: 1 Paterno or over Adobe Connect