1-Click update

Submitted by Binky Lush

Thanks to all of you who tested 1-Click with LionSearch! We’ve been pleased by the very positive feedback we’ve received. We have decided to leave 1-Click turned on and will be changing the 360 Helper window to include University Libraries branding and more helpful text. The one exception to our positive feedback has been the blank screen we’ve seen with Lexis Nexis. Unfortunately, 1-Click highlights the existing difficulties inherent to Lexis Nexis linking. We have the ability to order the priority of databases in 1-Click, and we have moved Lexis Nexis to the bottom of the list to alleviate user frustration. A user will only see the Lexis Nexis screen if the desired resource is available from L/N only.

Please continue to send us your feedback and any problems (and successes!) you encounter with 1-Click!

Many thanks,
Emily and Binky
on behalf of the Discovery and Access Working Team

1-Click is a direct linking enhancement that allows users to bypass the “Get It” page and go directly to the desired full-text resource.