Faculty News

University Park Librarian Glenn Masuchika, in keeping with the Penn State Libraries’ tradition of advocating a wide range of academic interests for their librarians, had published a number of peer-reviewed articles in 2014 and has articles scheduled for publication in 2015 on various subjects:

  •  “Problems of Scholar-Created, Synonymous Subject Terms in Buddhism” was published in Library Review, 63:4/5 (2014)
  • ”Profiles in Science for Science Librarians: “Now We Are All Sons of Bitches!”: The Atomic Life of Kenneth Bainbridge” was published in Science & Technology Libraries, 33:3 (2014)
  • “Applications of Business Presentation Techniques to One-Shot, Library Instruction” is in press for College & Undergraduate Libraries, and is scheduled for publication in vol. 22:1 (2015)
  • “Japanese Cartoons, Virtual Child Pornography, Academic Libraries, and the Law” has been accepted by Reference & User Services Quarterly, and is scheduled for publication in vol. 54:4 (2015)