Feb. 3 Tech Update agenda

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Location: Foster Auditorium and MediaSite Live

  • 3D printing: Kyle Bowen with Education Technology Services will inform us of the capabilities of the 3D printing lab in the Knowledge Commons.
  • Where is it safe to store my stuff? Linda Klimczyk with I-Tech will give an overview of how to: identify the types of files that we have; public, internal/controlled, or restricted; resources of where to best house them, and retention best practices/requirements.
  • Drupal update: Charlie Morris from I-Tech will provide an update on the Drupal implementation while Binky Lush will provide an update on the Implementation and Management Team.
  • Aeon: Timothy Babcock with Special Collections will provide an update on the implementation of Aeon; the new Special Collections Management software.