Drupal migration update

The Drupal migration project continues to move forward. Web Implementation Management Team (WIMT) chair Binky Lush and lead web developer Charlie Morris conducted a short presentation recently to highlight the progress that has been made to date. (Their presentation was part of the February 3 Tech Update and can be viewed on MediaSite Live.) The presentation outlined the following areas:

  1. Drupal development: Morris is leading the technology portion of the migration. The three other web developers are Wayne Ellenberger, Andrew Calvin and Karen Schwentner. Currently, this group is working on migrating the following
    sites: ICIK, the Pennsylvania Center for the Book, The People’s Contest and
    ASEE Community Engagement Division. The look and feel of the old sites will be maintained, although the design will now be responsive (i.e. can be viewed
    correctly on any device).
  2. Timeline and migration schedule: The entire Drupal implementation will be conducted over two years. A migration order has been planned and dates will be set soon.
  3. Content strategy: A full content inventory of the Libraries’ 10,000-plus webpages was conducted and it was found that some content was duplicative, no longer relevant, or out-of-date. During the migration process, WIMT will consider analytics, do usability testing, and re-work pages for functionality as needed. In the long term, WIMT will be responsible for developing a strategic vision for the Libraries’ site, including the policies and guiding principles for creating pages.
  4. LibGuides: LibGuides will replace the current guides. Helen Smith led a forum on LibGuides, which can be viewed on MediaSite Live.
    If you have questions, please email UL-wimt@lists.psu.edu. For more information on WIMT see the previous blog post: “Team to guide Drupal implementation.”