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It’s not like anyone is going to see my feet…


This past weekend my daughter was called into work at the last minute. We dropped her off and drove 2 miles home only to receive the dreaded phone call, “Can you bring me a pair of real shoes? They said I can’t work in these. They aren’t acceptable? “

When we dropped of the shoes, her comment was, “I don’t know why it matters; no one is going to see my feet!”

While that may be true, there are policies in place to keep us safe. Spring and summer bring out the comfy footwear, but we need to remember that closed toe shoes are the safest way to go. In the libraries, they provide protection for your feet in the event of falling books or runaway trucks. — Rita Buhite

LHR News

submitted by Wendy Stodart

Please join us in welcoming the following new hires:



 Jean Voigt – Welcome Desk, Knowledge Commons


Wishing the following employees well as they leave us:

Janis Mathewson    ITech

Steve Kress    Penn State Press

Robert Jones    Media Technology and Support Services